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join Dirty Lobster aboard our ghost ship for a lobster supper club.

Located right on the Maldon quayside, our 112 year-old spooky sailing barge – and her cast of devoted souls - will host the evening while regaling guests with terrifying tales of the forgotten. As our resident DJ drops his monstrous beats, take in the hauntingly historic sights on deck before ascending the stairs to dine below in a truly unique and intimate space. Whether you’re touched by the paranormal or you’re a true sceptic, our supper club is nothing short of a supernatural affair to thrill, frighten and feed.

So, when the rumbles come a’calling, trick-or-treat your taste buds to a variety of horrifying lobster and seafood dishes prepared for you by our ghoulish ship skivvies. In the dead of the night, allow yourself tobe tormented by deadly desserts and an abundance of spirits (of the alcoholic variety) to bring you back to life. Finally, when the feast is done and all hallows have been laid to rest, lurk in the shadows and enjoy the darkness until there are no skeletons left in the cabin.

A ghostly dinner not for the faint-hearted. Dine at your own risk.

VENUE: Maldon Barges, The Hydrogen Ship, Cooks Yard, The Hythe, Maldon, Essex, CM9 5HN

DATES: 25th Oct

TIMES: 6.30pm-11pm

COST: £10 per head

MENU: In images section, plus starters and specials on the night.

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